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Electric overhead traveling crane Electric overhead travelling crane or EOT crane is one of the most common types of overhead crane, or called bridge cranes, which consist of parallel runways with a travelling bridge spanning the gap. As obvious from the name, EOT crane is operated by electric, generally there is an operator cabin or a control pendant along with the EOT crane. EOT crane is extensively used in the Railway workshops, Manufacturing units, warehouses, unloading or relocating heavy load. Generally speaking, the EOT crane is equipped with the mechanical means to travel in both directions and can also raise or lower the heavy load easily.

Single Girder EOT Crane

Designed and Manufactured in Accordance to IS-3177 and IS-807 are available in Medium Duty Cranes.The EOT Crane moves over the rails placed on the top of crane runway or Gantry Girders. The crane mainly comprise of bridge girder made from rolled sections such as I beams / U beams or fabricated box section. The bridge girder is supported on two end carriages, each housing a pair of wheels. The wheels are driven by motor gearbox units. A wire rope hoist is suspended below the bridge girder. The crane can be operated through pendent station hanging from wire rope hoist or through radio remote control. The pendent station can be made to move independent of hoist movement as per customer's choice.

Double Girder EOT Crane

Designed and Manufactured in Accordance to IS-3177 and IS-807 are available in Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty Cranes.For standard workshop duty crane the hoisting unit is comprised of compact wire rope hoist unit. While in case of heavy duty or higher capacity cranes, the hoisting unit is made from fabricated and machined rope drum housing left hand and right hand grooves to achieve true vertical lift. The rope drum is connected to total enclosed helical gearbox through flexible drum coupling. The gearbox is driven by electric motor either sq. cage induction type or slip ring type. Fail safe hydraulically operated thrustor brake or DC brake is provided on input shaft of gearbox to prevent accidental lowering of load in the event of power failure.

Wire Rope Hoist

Our Hoist and eot cranes designs are as per latest manufacturing technology and design equivalent to german, italy or european standard. premium quality compared to other local manufacturer.Steel wire rope with fiber core is supplied as a standard design. Stainless steel wire rope with Stainless steel sheave and bush bearings are supplied for corrosive atmosphere as per customer’s requirement. True vertical lift with 2 x 2 falls arrangement is also available in even smaller capacities as a special feature. The trolley moves on straight track in standard design. Bogie type trolley is provided to negotiate curves when so required by customer.